Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indus ladies Mother's day Blog contest

I got a mail from indi blogger informing me about this contest for mother's day! I didn't have time so got out an old post of mine...

My entry for the contest...

A mother's perspective...

It's been one of those days where I have locked myself into the room after having performed a series of exemplary acts...I have rescued my towels from the dustbin (courtesy an absentminded son) saved my lights from being broken by a ball and myself from seeing stars, screamed my lungs out, managed to finish my editing work dead on the line, got dinner on the table and still been alive at the end of it all...

Bringing up two boys makes my life a medley of sorts...and I’m still finding my way. I am a woman literally in a man’s world. I think I have learnt to look at my roles from different perspectives. I wear many mantles and every day is a roller coaster of emotions. Want to see how?

They go the kitchen and holler out for me as if the sky is falling down…I rush there only to be asked where the chocolates/cookies are? So am i the organization expert? This is where perspective comes into the picture.

It is no easy task to decide nutritious meals for the day, trying to suit three hungry stomachs for there will always be one unhappy soul not liking the preparation. I’m nowhere in the picture of course! I’ll be delighted if the food does vanish without threats, bribes or tantrums. So does that make me a food management expert? A nutritionist or A cook? sigh..don't tell me, it's perspective...•

I trip over Lego pieces and superhero figures and the ghastly faces they call masks, only to be greeted with war cries of murder. So I have to pacify two angry boys with concocted stories of why I was rushing to the toilet, as if my life depended on it. That explanation strikes too close to home and I’ve convinced them that the excuse was worth trampling upon their toys. Lo! Behold! I’m a crisis management expert. •

Cricket and football are the bane of my life and one day I may just sue the creator of the games. On second thoughts, I may be lynched by the cricket crazy fans before i even think of doing that, so it is time for subtle tactics. So I could just get that junior to agree to a page of handwriting, in return for viewing rights! So trust me to recognize an opportunity and turn it to my advantage! •

It needs great skills to involve every member of the house into tasks they don’t enjoy, without them realizing that they are doing it. It requires the right blend of firmness, nonchalance and voice power. Of course when nothing goes, an incentive works fine, just fine. That makes me a human resource management expert or a plain nag. see, again a matter of perception! •

Saying the right things at the right time, without hurting anybody’s feelings gets my diplomacy skills to the fore. How else will you answer the plaintive complaint “You love him more than me. You always listen to him”? He gets to hear how much more I would have loved him if I hated him, so that he would not feel hated. Got it, no? Neither did I! But surprisingly it made sense to him. Confuse the issues so that he does not realize whether he had a good thing or he missed one! That’s a diplomat at work.

Add to the above, the tactics employed to maintain bonding between a rebellious preteen and a hyperactive 5 yr-old! I never knew what I had signed up for when I decided to upgrade myself into a mother.

But the icing on the cake is, after all that screaming, ranting and raving done, I still get the ‘You’re cool, Amma" badge at the end of the day. So every day is my second chance to get it right and get that badge. It is the best incentive I get to carry on for yet another day of an imperfect mother !!!

Besides, my boys may just be the smart ones, having figured out how to manipulate me emotionally! But I sure am loving it, every hour, everyday!



Joy said...

Beautiful :) You are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely post. Being a mother is indeed nothing less than managing an organization(in fact even more)! I could see my mom in each line you wrote :)

Anrosh said...

the title of the "mother" in the corporate world is Chief Executive Officer

Adisha S said...

That's sooo Very sweet !!! :) Mothers truly are the Best Managers Ever !!

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