Monday, November 10, 2008

What they say

What do you do
when you feel
a dread deep within?
and you wonder why?

What can you do
when you see
the black clouds which
threaten your sunlight
and you cannot blow them away?

What do you do
when you smile
but the eyes,
they tell a different story?

This too shall pass
so they say
but the agony
It is in the waiting
and not knowing

The agony is in
the searching
for an imagined strength
to mask your weakness

This too shall pass
so they say
But it's the passing
which is killing


Rambler said...

as you said, not passing shall too pass

Robin said...

Very true. A powerfully emotive piece.

Anonymous said...

it is the passing that's killing.. definitely

Jagjit said...

lovely piece of writing. keep it up

c'est la vie said...

very true.

Gazal said...

the agony of hoping that the worse has passed and then confronting that there is killing.

Vinod Desai said...

very nice!

Curry Pan said...

supremely lucid. would love to read more of these. definitely coming back for more.

Keshi said...

I u'stand u totally. And I hate it when ppl say 'this too shall pass'.



Lavender said...

love the poem esp the third para :)
great work

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