Sunday, July 27, 2008

Solace that what i find
when i take you into my arms?
Ready to go where you take me
wanting to be the one you want

Solace, i think that's what i find
in a book i read,
uninterrupted and free...
the mind gets ready for a timeless journey
the heart is set for adventure, love and mystery...

my books, that never ceases to amaze...
my books, in you i find my solace

scribbled in a hurry for sunday scribblers
Prompt 'Solace"

update:: after reading such beautiful versions at Sunday scribblings, i wish i had taken time to delve deeper and come up with something more profound, something beautiful...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

What if?

What if? It's so tempting to fall into the game of playing 'What if'!! What if i had done this? what if i had said that? What if ...?

What if you decide never to think of the if's and the but's but focus on the 'will' and the 'can'? Would life be as interesting?

Every action brings a change and every change brings on a challenge. There is no time to think on what could have been done but yes, there is time to think on what should be done henceforth.

So what next?

Scribbled in response to the Matinee Muse prompt 'What if"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Knock, knock who's there?

She soaked her tired feet in hot water, let her hair down, and took a book to read. Exhausted from the day's overload of work, she deserved this little pampering.

Five minutes later, she could not ignore the sounds from the kids' room. Hadn't she just left them asleep?

The noise growing steadily louder, she got up with a sigh. Marching into their room she hollered, "one more sound from any of you and you are grounded!!!"

As she stomped away, she heard the tremulous whisper of the 3 yr-old asking his stunned 5 yrold bother, " Is that a ghost?"

She had left her face pack on...!!! Why hadn't she thought of this earlier?

inspired by a chance remark...

update:: this piece was inspired by a comment my 3 yrold niece made when she saw her mother march in, angry...only difference she called her a witch, being fed on fairytales...

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