Sunday, January 13, 2008

THE date!

THE date…

He suddenly stood up. Then realized that everyone was staring at him curiously. He sat down again. He had forgotten for a second that he was in his office and a second ago had been perusing his calendar to check out some travel dates. That was when he had seen this date circled in red. That looked ominous, because that was today and red meant something very very important!. And then it had struck him that it was his anniversary and he had forgotten to kiss her, wish her, whatever he had to do he had forgotten!…He was in deep, deep trouble. He tried getting through home but it was non reachable, which clearly spelt Trouble with the biggest capital T.

Without a thought he mumbled an excuse to whoever was listening, dashed out, ran down the stairs..and caught the first cab he saw. On the way he splurged on a bouquet of roses, stopped at a store, bought a ridiculously priced perfume and a huge card, and reached home , decidedly gloomy about all the money spent and cursing himself for the amnesia..

Ringing the doorbell, he braced himself for the barrage of sulks which could greet him…The door opened and she looked sweetly at him and asked: “What happened/ you are home early?”

“Hmm” He thought to himself, “it’s a rare occasion, but I think she’s forgotten”!

Quick to capitalize, he added a little more attitide and said loftily, “perhaps you’ve forgotten but I haven’t …”

“Forgotten what?” She asked, clearly troubled…

“ OUR anniversary…I never thought you would forget this important day of our lives…’ So saying, he gave her the flowers, the card and the perfume, with a flourish very pleased with it all. He went on how he had wanted to surprise her and how she had saddened him; all the while thinking,…”aha, now I’m going to be treated like a king for the rest of my life…”

Only to hear her voice among all the happy thoughts…” but dear, our anniversary is next month, the same date but next month!!!! “

He was sure that she could see him crying…and patting his light wallet!!

The prompt at Sunday Scribblers was "The date" and my, i had fun writing this...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The sun wants to play!

the weather's been funny the past few days here in Singapore. You never know when the sunny day decides to be all teary...Today was one such day and my lil boy was feeling upset that it i made up this poem for him and we had some fun! Sharing our lil moment together...This suited the prompt at writer's too...
The sun wants to play!!

Over the horizon and far away
The sun woke up to a new day
Should I hide behind a cloud today?
Should I be bright and stay?

So he hopped behind a cloud, peeking in and out
Making the weather man shake his head and shout
It’s going to be bright...umm wet....may be sunny,
This sure was bad. This sure wasn’t funny!

Waiting for the sun to make up his mind,
Was not easy, they were beginning to find
Our umbrellas or our shades, what do you think?
What a mess, it tickled our sun really pink

Everybody grumbled, what a day
The children didn’t know where to play
The beach or the park, in or out
The sun was acting strange, no doubt…

Nobody ever thought the sun
Could be having some fun
Over the horizon and far away
The sun sure had a great day

Thank you ps..for your suggestions. This was more of a spontaneous oubtburst from me to keep S in good humor. The second stanza has been tweaked a bit, of course after due approval from my lil boss!!!**********************************************************

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I wonder what's beyond!...

I wonder what's beyond?
Should I break the shackles and go on or should I be safe and drift along?

Don't go too far,don't cross the line, says the voice, be where the crowd is, everything's just fine

I wonder what's beyond?
Will I fall when i reach there or will I be upside down?

Do as i say,pay heed says the voice, i'm experience that you need

I wonder what's there...My dreams urge onwards, each achievement gets me closer yet I wonder why i never do reach

Be smart, be quick..says the voice, learn the trick

I wonder...when two minds see, where does the horizon end?

Follow me says the voice, i know what you need

I wonder what happens when i reach there..Will a new horizon show itself? I wonder what's beyond?

Listen to your dreams, says the voice, listen to yourself...only you can decide how far your horizon is !!

thanks to writer's island for a very interesting prompt and the friend who got me to think...

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