Monday, May 12, 2008

my faithful friend

It never lies.
It shows me exactly who I am, who I have become.
It shows my deepest flaws, my brightest side.
faithful as ever

Always there,
Sometimes uplifting, sometimes depressing
but dependable,
for it never lies
a faithful friend

My mirror never lies…
even when shattered into tiny shards
sometimes I wish it did
just like my conscience does


Anonymous said...

first of all, I had no idea abt this blog of yours girl! where did u hide it :-|

got it frm Prats prompt page ;) thank her!


the prose is beautiful and painful! I think when i started reading I thought it was just one of those friends poem... but noh! u surprised me :)

god one girl! keep writing :)

brocasarea said...

friends do lie but we can catch them easily..thats the fun part!!!:)

Rambler said...

sometimes we see mirrors in people around us..their faces never lie ...

keith hillman said...

I remember as a child going to a hall of mirrors at the fun fair. It scared me and I've never trusted them since. Even the one in my bedroom tries to tell me I'm putting on weight! Mirrors really are just like people.

Joy said...

Beutifully written.

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