Sunday, May 4, 2008


Deep down, deep within
Caged and restless,
Is there someone
Yearning to get out?

Is it fierce and aggressive?
Or just tamed into submission?
Is it good, is it evil
Do you know?

There are moments
When a glimpse is seen
A ferocious attitude
An aggressive will

Just a flash but enough
To know it exists
Does it emerge
when you are not strong?
Does it substitute
a weaker you?

If you knew how,
Wouldn’t you set it free?
If it would change you,
Would you still let it go?


anthonynorth said...

Questions cleverly put. But would we? Can we tell what we'll become?

Rambler said...

"Does it substitute
a weaker you?"
makes me think a lot..very good question

keith hillman said...

The beast within. Clever words.

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