Sunday, April 27, 2008


The beautful butterfly once lived life as a humble caterpillar. The caterpillar cannot become a buterfly if it strays away from the path of completion.

We humans don't have it so easy.Why is it that someone somewhere is always seeking that one thing to feel complete?

When do you know you are complete? Is it when you walk the path towards a perfect match, or a perfect career or …?

When you know you can die without any regrets, is that the moment of completion? If you yearn no more, does it kill the motivation to do better?

Is contentment the key to completion? Then why is it so difficult to be content?

Or am i confusing it with fulfillment?


a penning down of thoughts which flowed when i read this prompt 'completion' at writer's island....I have yet to build on this...or am i on the wrong track?


Rambler said...

hmm thats the thing..completion is an illusion, so no one can define it I suppose..just like perfection completion too will always elude humans

tumblewords said...

I never understood that either. I hope you find and share the answer. ;)

Joy said...

Don't you get the feeling of fulfillment when you complete something? Not sure when can I feel complete. Maybe when the unrest in mind settles.....

Jane Doe said...

I don't think we ever reach completion, not until we have reached 'enlightenment,' whatever you may believe that to be. I think completion is a never-ending quest (at least in this lifetime) that makes us human. Did that make any sense? It is rather early so it may not be the best time to post my thoughts on this.

Love the writing, btw.

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