Sunday, April 13, 2008

Flight to nowhere

He stood there grinning, feeling the air on his face
Today was the day he would show the world
What he was and what he could do

The ones who said that he was nobody
They would soon be eating their words
He hated them for making him feel so small,
Today was the day, he thought
They would never forget who he was

The reporters had gathered…the crowd had arrived
They looked so tiny from here
The smile still on his face, he fell
From the topmost floor of the tallest building in town

All the while, he wondered and marvelled
The feeling of movement too strong
Never realizing that he was on a downhill plunge
Taking a flight to nowhere…
On his one-way ticket to oblivion

The writer's island prompt this time was...FLIGHT


Prats said...

That sounded scary....
Can't imagine it for the life of me, how it can be done :(

Rambler said...

very nicely worded..hey great to see a dark post from you :)...very different from your style

tumblewords said...

wow! I'll come back and read this again...I'm thinking one-way tickets might not be the best...

UL said...

yes, done beautifully Suma, you brought it out well, wish people would think twice before attempting something so silly, but hey, anything for fame isnt it? Such a waste...

keith hillman said...

Written with feeling. I've just read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby on the same subject. I can't recommend it HIGHLY enough ( pardon the pun!)

Suma said...

prats, rambler...:: just wanted to see if i could write it..

sue:: :)

ul:: hey thanks...u r the expert at this...
as for suicide..i agree what a waste...of one's precious life

@keith:: thank you...i haven't yet read that book...must add it to my growing list of books to be read...:(

Joy said...

Very thought provoking. Had to read twice to get the idea. Nice written. If the crowd had gathered downstairs, why didn't anyone try to stop him?

ceedy said...

well why oblivion - no one has seen or felt the other side when we are alive.....could be a great experience too :0

but well written

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